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September 28, 2011

Gloria Steinem is too political in Toronto

Vanessa Grant, McCarthy Tetrault, kindly invited me to hear Gloria Steinem speak in Toronto. Gloria is an admirable person who has made a huge change in attitudes in society and I was excited to hear her speak and wondered what her message would be.
It was disappointing to hear her start with the right wing's attitude to women's reproduction. According to Gloria, the right wing only want hearth and home and sex is for the reproduction of the species, nothing more. This Footloose style attitude has certainly not stuck around in Canada and as I sat with a table of dynamic female lawyers, all partners at McCarthy, I wondered if Gloria's activist message no longer had the same urgency for North American women.
I also wondered if the American right wing did believe that sex was all around procreation. Quite the image painted by Gloria.

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Life Worth Living said...

Has Gloria Steinem every heard that sex can be a deeply-emotional bonding experience between a loving man and a woman, which helps cement their relationship? That the couple may want above all else, to create a home and have a family, and share with each other the joys and tribulations of bringing up their children? That this seems to many, so much more fulfilling than simply having sex with umpteen people? That this is what Right Wing people mean when they suggest that sex should be within marriage and for creating a family? Too bad she puts political tags on everything!