It may be an overlysimplistic opinion about private equity...

When you give, it comes back - or so the saying goes. I had one of those magical moments when an Ivey MBA student contacted me in regards to the book I wrote to make the Private Equity industry understandable to the layman. Yan Truong took the time to let me know what he got from Money Magnet and I was dazzled:
I have read your book, Money Magnet, and have to say that it was a great read. The book really opened my eyes to another side of PE that I never really understood. I always thought that PE was simply another form of financing for specific start-up companies with the occasional leveraged buyout of non "start-up" firms. However, after reading this book, I realize that financing is really just the tip of the iceberg. I now see PE more as a means to infuse life into a company at every crossroad, whether it is through financing, management expertise or simply giving the firm a new direction or vision. It may be an overlysimplistic opinion, but I see PE as capital markets meets management consulting with a touch of entrepreneurial vigor.
 Yan Truong, B.Eng.
MBA Candidate 2011
Richard Ivey School of Business 

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John Fekete has just left a comment on your network update:
"How could one put it any better than: "As an expert in private equity, I work with business owners to figure out their next 5 years, source the best private equity partners and strategize with their teams how to grow. Family businesses seek out my help to hire senior management and to move towards the tough process of succession or sale of the company. I am striving to show business owners the multiple benefits of private equity." Financing truly is just the small edge of the wedge. The real value is in the leadership that you bring to these business owners. John."