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March 9, 2011

It may be an overlysimplistic opinion about private equity...

When you give, it comes back - or so the saying goes. I had one of those magical moments when an Ivey MBA student contacted me in regards to the book I wrote to make the Private Equity industry understandable to the layman. Yan Truong took the time to let me know what he got from Money Magnet and I was dazzled:
I have read your book, Money Magnet, and have to say that it was a great read. The book really opened my eyes to another side of PE that I never really understood. I always thought that PE was simply another form of financing for specific start-up companies with the occasional leveraged buyout of non "start-up" firms. However, after reading this book, I realize that financing is really just the tip of the iceberg. I now see PE more as a means to infuse life into a company at every crossroad, whether it is through financing, management expertise or simply giving the firm a new direction or vision. It may be an overlysimplistic opinion, but I see PE as capital markets meets management consulting with a touch of entrepreneurial vigor.
 Yan Truong, B.Eng.
MBA Candidate 2011
Richard Ivey School of Business 
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