Are entrepreneurs a little crazy?

Kevin O'Leary of Dragons' Den fame, but also a savvy investor and a strong entrepreneur, got my attention when he said he likes to look at the deals where the people are a little crazy. Kevin says, "Crazy as a fox."
Why would that be? Kevin says it means they are thinking outside of the box and will push that much harder to succeed.
At a recent Women's Post event where I was invited to present for the Courage to Lead series, I mentioned the "crazy" part. My co-panelists agreed whole heartedly but I also received a great deal of feedback that so many business owners believe this to be true about themselves.
I received a letter from Licious owner, Joan Embury, who said, "Your comments on "a little crazy" resonated as how many of us have not thought that of ourselves and our businesses at some point; particularly before dropping off to sleep in a state of exhaustion and anxiety. We don't have to go and get committed."
So, let's go and be a bit crazy!

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