Peter's Question

“If the company disappeared, would it be missed?”

This question was posed by the thoughtful Peter Barlas, a portfolio manager at KJ Harrison, a company that invests high net worth individuals’ money. Peter was taking us through his logic in picking companies for this next stretch of market which is going to have "S" curves with oil slicks galore. 
If you want to know his stock picks, which I thought to be shrewd, you can get hold of him at KJ Harrison.

Now, what about you, what companies would you miss? Philip Lieberman, KJ Harrison, told me he would miss Gillette, but not Crate & Barrel, which is why retailers are falling from favour currently. For me, Apple would be a big black hole; their podcast feature alone has changed the way I get information.

If you are considering attracting money to your business, Peter’s question is a good one to ask each and every day. Would your company be missed? If not, why not? What would be the much requested features? That could add to your valuation.


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Anonymous said...

This is a great question. I would miss Starbucks and my gas for my car.