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March 23, 2009

Private equity partners with Ontario Government

If you know you will be eating the food that you cook, do you think it would make you more careful how much salt you add? When there is self interest, we human beings are absolutely going to pay more attention.

In the same vein, people investing their own cash into a business are more likely to pick winners.

It is uplifting to see that the Ontario government is recognizing this human trait and is partnering with private equity to invest in up and coming companies.

Karen Mazurkewich, Financial Post, writes about useful government initiatives that support venture capitalists and what entrepreneurs really think of them. Marzio Pozzuoli started his company RuggedCom and recognizes that the VC funds are the most competent at funding early stage companies.
"The best guys to fund the emerging technologies and start-ups are the VCs because they are doing diligence to do the investments," says Mr. Pozzuoli. Earlier this week, the Ontario government announced a new $250-million co-investment fund intended to help companies working in clean technology, life sciences, digital media and information and communication technology. If a venture capital firm invests money in a company, the government will match it dollar for dollar. Another bone to the sector was a new $205-million Ontario Venture Capital Fund created last June, comprised of Ontario government cash and funds from institutional players.
Mr. Pozzuoli says the best program the government has for companies like his is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax credit, which has a federal and provincial component. "We still use it today as a public company."

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