Does mean marketing grab market share?

German Engineering, Swiss Innovation, American Nothing.
This is an advertisement used by Daimler and is it mean? It's good business. Competitive companies get on with growing their business. Brand America is tarnished and Mercedes is using the anti-American sentiment to grow their market share.


Michael @ nCompass said...

Aside from what it might say about Americans - what does it say about Daimler, did they forget 'Daimler Chrysler?' (sssuming the ad is not from the UK Daimler).
Michael @ nCompass

J. B. Loewen said...

Sharp observation!
Daimler has a factory in South Africa so perhaps that's why they dropped the American part of their brand name. LOL.
The South Africans do have a strong dislike for anything America. Zuma just had to chastise the Deputy Minister for inappropriate, publically stated comments on Obama.