Deflated ACG Conference

Why would the ACG Conference invite an expert from the UN to speak about genocide in Africa?
Tough lunch time audience too.
ACG stands for Association for Corporate Growth and is really a networking event for the people who supply the money to companies wanting to grow. These are the private equity types, myself included.
During the speech by Stephen Lewis, Professor in Global Health, I was walking around the booths, collecting business cards and dispensing my marketing materials. Over the loud speaker, Stephen Lewis described in detail how in Africa it is normal for 8 year olds to be raped and far worst descriptions of the treatment of females.
The money men from New York visibly cringed.
Interesting message but wrong audience. At a time when the conference was half the usual number of people, surely we all needed an upbeat pro-capitalism message?

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Anonymous said...

That was weird to mix up business with Africa. He was just describing what was happening there and it makes Africa a sad place where I will never do business. Imagine if he spoke about the busines opportunities to a business crowd instead.